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  • Mar 22 / 2015
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Old new home – Saurians in the sea

Life started in the oceans; it then conquered the land and finally the air. But would you have guessed that some dinosaurs actually returned back to the seas?

A4_Text_DE_1530x2100The sea is by far the largest habitat on earth. Here collapsed to form the first life on our planet and numerous terrestrial animal groups later returned back there again – among them, of course, different “dinosaurs”. The first known animal that took the risk, the little reptile Mesosaurus was about 280 million years. His legs were compared to the body quite short and the feet were webbed toes. The long tail served by lateral movements as the main propulsion when swimming.

Less obvious adaptations to life in the sea, the enhanced bone and thick ribs of Mesosaurus. So that it could easily plunge and stabilize the body while swimming. These adjustments should be shown in the “dinosaurs” who conquered the sea in later times, again and again. In the same habitat sit in the evolution that is always similar physical features through, regardless of the degree of relatedness of the animals.

At the beginning of the Mesozoic, around 250 million years ago, the great period of marine reptiles. First, the ichthyo- or ichthyosaurs fell into the sea. Her neck was shortened so that the head was sitting on the trunk directly as the whole body rigid and thus more stable under water. With lateral blows his tail, the animal moved forward. The legs were much shorter, but the number of finger bones rose dramatically, thus making large fins.

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