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  • Mar 20 / 2015
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By developing of wing membranes and feathers “dinosaurs” made a huge evolutionary leap. But how did they evolve from clumsy gliders to flying acrobates?


Freedom beyond the clouds would, indeed, appear, to be boundless. Animals may be brought easily from predators in safety, where they rise into the air and jumping from buttons or promontories. Juveniles can raise safe in such lofty heights, because many predators can not get up there.

The ability to fly also means that larger distances can cover without having to run laboriously over hill and dale. So it saves a lot of energy. In addition, open up new opportunities made possible the diet. The Finding of fruits, seeds and leaves is in the highest tree tops no problem. Because of the amount much larger areas are to survey, as from the ground up food can spot much easier from here.

If an animal’s ability to stay on longer distances in the air, it can colonize in this way much larger tracts of land. For migrating animals are natural barriers such as mountains, deserts or oceans, hardly an obstacle. Therefore airworthy animals are often the only major inhabitants lonely islands. In addition, they can avoid easily by walking out poor environmental conditions.

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