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The Exhibition

  • Mar 22 / 2015
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The Exhibition

Successful model saurians – 300 million years survival


Almost every child knows the dinosaurs that lived for some 160 million years on the Earth. Less well known, however, that not every saurian is a dinosaur. While the dinosaurs lived as land vertebrates exclusively on the mainland, saurians dominated all habitats: air and land, as well as fresh and salt water. Perfectly adapted to that environment, they could sliding, flying, running and swimming move.

Many of the adjustments made to date and parallels can be found not only in birds, as direct descendants of the dinosaurs, but also in amphibians, reptiles and fish.

In the exhibition, as well as impressive models of these extinct animals, including skeletons and fossils plates are compared to animals alive today. Show more than 100 objects from the collections of the Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden, which “remained” of the dinosaurs until today. In the truest sense of the word “stick out” here are the five meter Kentrosaurus, an original leg of a Brachiosaurus of more than three meters high, a pterosaur model of 14-meter wingspan and imposing Fischsauerierplatten.

The exhibition at the SGN Dresden will be seen from the end of March 2015 to the end of October 2016  at the Japanese Palace.